Friday, August 24, 2012

More On River fishing etiquette

River fishing etiquette Pool Rotation, can be summed up very simply, take your turn, and cast and move. Should you arrive at a pool, and other anglers are there ahead of you, it will be expected that you will wait your turn before entering the pool. A waiting area is usually obvious where winning anglers gather intelligence their turn. When it becomes your turn, you will start at the upstream and of a group of anglers, and follow the group to the pool. While moving through the pool, it is usually it is usual practice to take two casts and then take a step downstream. Be careful not to move too far out into the pool and fish. This may cause the fish to move away or caused them to be less likely to take the fly. Other words Let the angler who arrives at the pool first two fish through without interference. Share the water after a reasonable time, on a pool either have the waiting person join you asked him/ her to fish through and finish or vacate all in favor of the other anglers. Allow fellow anglers room to fish so their cast and drift are not interfered with and the fish are not disturbed. Give room to another angler who looks and fish near you. Use hand signals to notify boaters which way you would want them to pass through.

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