Monday, November 12, 2012

West Side Fly Fishing Lakes Need Your Help;

In the spring of this year the WDFW asked for rule change proposals to improve the fishing in the state. The conservation committee wanted to see Lake 16 changed from a "put & take" to a selective fishery. We put in one proposal, DFW616241, and Mike Traux put in a second, DFW809852. The WDFW rejected these proposals and said that Lake 16 should remain an "opening day lake". We need the EFFC members to write or e-mail the WDFW and the Game Commission in rebuttal to the WDFW position. Below are links to the Commission and the WDFW proposal site. The WDFW site allows for input for these proposals, all you need to do is enter your comments. A copy of my input to the Game commission is included so you can use it as a template. Please take the time to respond to the WDFW position, We need more good quality lakes. Links: Template: "This e-mail is concerning the Sportsfishing rule changes for 2013 -2014 as submitted by myself, Ronald Pera and Michael Truax concerning Lake Sixteen in Skagit county. The WDFW requested input for changes in the rules for enhanced fishing. The suggestions in items DFW616241 and DFW809852 proposed making Lake Sixteen a selective gear rules lake. The WDFW response was that the old rules should stay in effect, i.e. allow this lake to be an "opening day" lake. This is not needed , most lakes in this area are opening day lakes and very few have selective gear rules. This lake is capable of growing large fish and should be managed as a catch and release fishery. We are losing a flyfishing only lake, Ebey Lake, under the proposed rule changes. The change in the rules for Lake Sixteen would provide some compensation for the loss of Ebey Lake. The flyfishing clubs in the area want this change and most would help maintain Sixteen as a quality fishing opportunity lake."

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