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The last few days I have spoken to many officials who oversee the North Fork Stillaguamish River and there has been a few other organizations doing the same and now C-Post Road has been unofficially open for foot access too the river.

As I find this to be a very positive for the fishing community I do want to remind everyone of the Oso Landslide disaster that happened along the road and that when we do fish the area and walk the road and yes it may be our right to walk the road because it is public property; we need to remember many community residents who have called this home have lost their lives, livelihood, families and has had their sense of place disoriented. I ask the fishing community; while fishing this area that they tread very lightly and have the utmost respect to Steelhead Havens survivors, family members of survivors while visiting the area you are recreating or fishing in.

Also remember that the properties east and west of the right-a-way are private lands and they are not to be trespassed on, along with any lands above high water mark along the river.

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C-Post Road still Closed, when does public property become private???

So c-post road is owned by Washington State Parks And Recreations 20' and the Washington Department of Fish & Game own 40' strip from sr 530 to the south side of the c-post bridge.  Why can we not walk down this road, It's not private???


From the "View from the Bridge Series" a couple of locals enjoying a beautiful day.

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